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The ultimate defense against inevitable rock chips and deep scratches.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a virtually invisible urethane layer that protects your vehicle’s paint from everyday damages including rock chips, scuffs, scratches and more. ULTIMATE PLUS™ sets the bar with an unparalleled high gloss finish & improved impact protection. ULTIMATE PLUS™ is designed to provide EV drivers with the peace of mind you need on the open road, keeping your vehicle's surfaces safe from things like gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, and stopping paint chips before they start.

Coverage Options

Whether you’re looking to protect the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle or the entire car, see what’s included in our most popular PPF packages below.

Full Front

Paint Protection Film

ALSET Auto’s Full Front PPF Package protects your vehicle's high impact zones from stones, rocks and road debris which can cause unsightly and permanent damage to your paint.


  • Full Hood

  • Full fendors

  • Front bumper

  • Mirror Caps

Full Car

Paint Protection Film

ALSET Auto’s Full Car PPF Package provides ultimate peace of mind and protection with bumper-to-bumper coverage. Get 100% protection for the whatever the road throws at you.

Available In

  • Gloss

  • Matte

  • Color Change

Exterior ceramic coating applied to all film ($1,000 value)

PPF benefits

Prevents Wear & Tear

Stop rock chips, nicks & scratches in the paint, and keep your vehicle looking as good as the day it rolled off the lot.

Edge Seal Technology

Lifting & delamination are a thing of the past. Our signature Edge Seal Technology ensures film stays stuck & keeps surfaces protected from contaminants.

Discoloration & Stain Resistant

Don't worry about specs, spots, or splotches from contaminants. ULTIMATE PLUS is stain resistant & will maintain clarity under the harshest conditions.


Our proprietary film formulation will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas are nearly invisible.

Heat Activated Self-Healing Topcoat

Constructed from an elastomeric polyurethane, ULTIMATE PLUS will self-heal light scratches & swirl marks with a light heat application to the film's surface.


ALSET Auto customers praise not just the quality of our products and installation, but more importantly the experience and level of service and communication they receive from start to finish.

"We are very happy with the customer service and experience"

We are very happy with the customer service and experience we had with ALSET.  Our S model came out beautiful.  We highly recommend them to anyone with a Tesla! Thanks for a job well done!

Steve Muro

"The entire team at ALSET have been excellent"

The entire team at ALSET have been excellent from beginning to end.Very informative and helpful with all my questions and the results are great!

Sergio Carreno

"I am glad to have discovered ALSET"

I am glad to have discovered ALSET. Jack and Ian were great to coordinate with and were very patient with me throughout the process. I got the full front PPF and window tint package, and I am very happy with my experience. I would recommend ALSET to any Tesla owner!

Lulu Ochoa

"ALSET is the best"

ALSET is the best.  If you have a (especially) new Tesla, this place is a must!  Top of the line product, great service, and they even got my car ready a day early.  We are thankful that our new purchase of a Tesla is better protected and that ALSET is THE Tesla detailer to go to in the area.  

Trevor Woods

"The service rocks"

The service rocks, no visible signs of application that I could find. It's just a car that glimmers from top to bottom. Kudos to the crew.

Victor Mcdowell

"Great experience. Highly recommend"

Great experience. Highly recommend. Car turned out great, on time and got periodic updates. Wish Tesla service was a good.

Jason Gotz

"Great team, great product"

Great team, great product. Happy with the PPF protection I got, no rock chips and easier to clean the bugs off. Did not try to upsell and delivered on time. Great experience overall. Highly recommended.

Igor Gierymski