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Over 70% of ALSET Auto’s Tesla customers opt for the “Combo” package within a few days of receiving their vehicles. This package includes the Full Front PPF to safeguard the front impact areas from rock chips and deep scratches, as well as the Full Ceramic protection for the rest of the exterior, protecting it from UV damage, swirl marks, light scratches, water spots, and etching caused by bugs, bird droppings, and salt.



I took my 2022 model S Plaid straight from Tesla to Alset. Got it back a week later and the car looked better than it did brand new and the tint, PPF, and ceramic coating looked amazing. Not a single issue. The final product is A+.

Jay Bayat

Model S

I drove my car from pick-up point, directly to ALSET Auto. They applied the PPF and ceramic coating, along with some other cosmetic changes I wanted done. The ‘finished product’ exceeded my expectations. My Tesla looks fantastic.

Rex Price

Model X

Ian and team did an AMAZING job with our 2022 Model Y. We paid for the combo package (front PPF wrap + full ceramic) and also the chrome delete. We're extremely happy with the results and HIGHLY recommend ALSET for any of your Tesla needs. We will definitely go back to ALSET for any future work.

Way Li

Model Y