Paint Protection
film [ppf]

When it comes to safeguarding your Tesla's paint from rock chips and severe scratches, Paint Protection Film is the superior choice..


Safeguarding the delicate paint of your Tesla from rock chips and deep scratches in Jacksonville, Florida is made easy with Paint Protection Film. At ALSET Auto, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicle’s appearance and that’s why many customers bring their cars to us shortly after delivery. Our Paint Protection Films, available in Jacksonville, FL, offer several key features that set them apart, including:

  • a high-gloss
  • hydrophobic finish with no orange peel effect
  • the ability to self-heal under direct sunlight or heat
  • protection against harmful UV rays for your factory paint
  • and a lifetime in-house warranty for added peace of mind.

Paint Protection Film


In Jacksonville, Florida, front impact zones are often seen as the most susceptible areas that require protection, but an increasing number of Tesla owners are choosing full car Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage for total protection and preservation of their vehicle’s paint. This option gives them added peace of mind and ensures their car looks great for years to come.

Our full front package includes PPF on:

  • Full hood and fenders
  • Front bumper
  • Head and fog lights
  • Rear bumper ledge
  • Door edges

Paint Protection Film

Matte PPF

If you want to set your Tesla apart from others without drawing too much attention in Jacksonville, Florida, Satin/Matte PPF may be the perfect option.

This type of PPF gives your car’s existing paint color a soft and diffuse look, while still providing the same thickness and protection as regular gloss film.

It’s an ideal solution for those who want to personalize their Tesla without going over the top.


Over the years I have had several local shops do PPF on the front of my cars and Ceramic coating. Alset Auto did the best job by far and was very reasonably priced. They take pride in their products and services. And it shows in the completed job. Would not go anywhere else.

Wayne W.

Model X

The attention to detail was beyond what I’d seen on my first Tesla (different shop). In particular, I liked that ALSET wraps all edges. My previous car was cut at the edges and this became a real dirt collector over time. It detracted from the look, especially on a white car. I received a superior PPF and ceramic coating job, and outstanding customer service.

Bob C.

Model X

Without question, the PPF has already saved the front end from a few rock chips. I would unreservedly recommend PPF for anyone who logs a lot of miles, especially if you cross back and forth over the Cascades. And with the ceramic coating, it has been a breeze to keep the car clean.


Model 3